• Heer

    The story of legendry Heer Ranjha has generally been depicted as a love story between two individuals who fell in love and consequently had to die for the ideal they upheld. The impression of the story created by commercial media that influenced the youth needs to be changed in order to bring out what the story actually represents; a grand narrative of Punjab’s agrarian society spread over five thousand years.

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  • Painting for beginners

    Introducing basic traditional techniques of painting, this course will help students to gain understanding of formal elements of a two dimensional picture such as scale, line, shape, color, contrast, texture and perspective. Students will start exploring the painting from preparation of the surface and will further explore different techniques like oil, acrylic, watercolors, pastels, and mixed media. They will also gain knowledge of the same from looking at examples from history of painting..

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  • Theater Making

    The recent times have observed an emergence of theatre as an art form, professional discipline and educational tool in our society because of its versatile nature. It has been applied in diverse sectors ranging from education to (community) development achieving multiple goals and objectives.  It has empowered communities in creating their unified expression and raising their concerns. It has attracted educationists to employ it in learning spaces to build communicative, creative and problem solving skills. Our young generations have also find deep interest in theatre as it facilitates them with medium of expression and provides meaning. The growing media and film industry in Pakistan has also provided a space for creative professionals including trained individuals in the art of acting, theater making and production.

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  • Freehand Drawing

    This course will impart basic drawing skills through the visualization of form & object to students, and will enable them to develop a more critical sense of observation.

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  • Fashion & Event  Photography

    This course is designed to introduce students to still camera as a medium of communication/expression. Students will be provided with the basics of the working of camera and its most important components such as lenses, shutter aperture and their relation to light, field, distance and exposure. Students will also learn the basics of camera language and framing. The main Objective of this course is to introduce students to the world of fashion and event photography, its mechanics and working, through the practice of principles and techniques of photography. Students will learn the language of camera and the professional terminologies for various types of framings and their use in professional practice. A highly skilled oriented short course will give students what they require to start their own professional studios

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  • Digital Film Production

    This course takes the learning of digital film production techniques, the script & screenplay elements that transform into cinematic elements, and the equipment that is used to produce digital films. It exemplifies contemporary concepts of moving image production, emphasizing the variety of tools and concepts. Students will produce short films using the SDCA equipment.

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  • 2D Architectural Drawing ( AutoCAD)

    There is a dire need of formerly trained Auto-cad experts  in practicing architectural offices.  As their is a great demand in the market , it creates a special need of knowledge for the subject at hand. Understanding Scale , comprehending measured architectural drawing, Basic intro to the software as a drafting tool, introduction to the commands of the software. The course introduces to techniques of drawing plans, sections , elevations and understanding of basic architectural details. The course explores the latest tools and techniques in digital drafting covering all draw commands and options, editing, dimensioning, hatching, and plotting techniques available with AutoCAD Training.

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  • Architectural Model Making

    At one level , architectural offices, need personnels that are equipped with the skill of model making and on the second level its the first step for architectural students to visualize space. It will help & enable the paraprofessionals and students to understand the craft of model making.

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  • 3D Studio Max (Architectural Rendering)

    The software enables the students to get equipped with the basics of 3D Architectural rendering . It is the need of the hour, that enables architectural students, 3D modelers to put their thoughts, inspirations and ideas of architecture (Spaces) into virtual reality. It will enable paraprofessionals and professionals to get prepared for essential tool sets needed to work in the field.

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  • 2D Animation

    This course provides an opportunity for amateur animation enthusiasts to unleash their passion for 2D Animation. The program encourages individualism and brings student's creativity to next level. Students will learn the practical knowledge and software skills necessary for 2D character animation. The course covers the whole workflow of character animation, from conceptual, to frame by frame, to final

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  • 2D Game Design & Development

    For the first time ever in Pakistan, SCE is announcing the complete 2D game design, development and publication program where you will learn to make your own video games without writing a single line of code.

    Utilizing the power of latest gaming engines; you will see your ideas come to life in as short as three months.

    Create your games and share them on major stores such as Google Play Store, iStore and Amazon.

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  • History & Civilization

    The objective of the course is to understand the process of history and evolution of social, cultural, religious and economics institution, traditional, customs and values. It would provide tools to analyze  the present problems and solve them in the light of historical understanding.

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  • Computer Graphic Design

    This course is design to introduce the concepts and processes of graphic design. In this course Student will acquire appropriate skills to use graphic tools as a medium to communicate, express, interpret, and present an abstract thought in form of design.

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  • History with a Contemporary Perspective, Engaging Lahore Fort as Case Study

    Primary aim of the course is to explore the aesthetics involved in the selected additions inside Lahore Fort with a specific focus on the Fresco Paintings of different periods.

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  • Certificate in Audiovisual Approaches and Tools

    Society for Cultural Education SCE has arranged this Certificate Short Course in collaboration with THAAP as first of the series of workshops based on 4 modules spread over 4 months. Each of the modules is for 7 days, thus a total of 28 days. To be eligible for “Certificate in Audiovisual Approaches and Tools” the 4 modules must be attended. Participants will get a letter of participation at the end of each module as well.


    After Successful completion of the first workshop SCE is now inviting you to the second workshop, this is in continuation of our first workshop where use of smartphones were emphasized to have become our everyday companions, relied upon more and more for capturing and sharing moments in our lives through photography and videos. In the ongoing mobile imaging revolution, sensors, lenses, and technology are getting steadily more sophisticated, and countless new creative apps have put smartphones on the cutting-edge of photography and video today.


    All the workshops offered as modules are about using mobiles with focus on the technical aspects of how to get the best images from our smartphones while also investigating into the creative side of smartphone photography and videography. The participants learn about exposure, composition, artistic vision, creative apps, developing narratives and storytelling during the course of workshops through lectures, discussions and edit-and-critique sessions.


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  • Calligraphy Workshop with Ustad Gohar Qalam

    Calligraphy workshop with

    Ustad Khursheed Gohar Qalam

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  • Fundamentals of Interior Design

    This course will provide an opportunity to learn about key principles of interior design, materials & specifications. The course will guide through a series of exercises that will help the participants to develop an understanding of design process and establish industrial linkages. This course will be beneficial for anyone keen to learn more about the Interior Design process. Whether one is thinking about undertaking future studies in this field, considering a career change, or intending to renovate their own home – this course will provide a basic introduction and understanding of the subject.

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  • Basic and Fundamental Punjabi

    Learn basic and superior Punjabi with Dr. Asma Qadri

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