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At UCA our vision is not limited to the dissemination of knowledge as is being traditionally done in the academic arena of Pakistan. Our prime focus lies towards the creation of new knowledge through research and collaborations. The UCA Lecture Series is a step in that very direction and aims to create a platform where discourse expands horizons of knowledge and creates a larger body of information that can be used to benefit the academia, industry, policy and society in multiple ways.

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19th January 2017, 11 am

31st July 2017, 9:30 AM

Bharat Avalani

Professor at University of Pennsylvania

CEO Connecting the Dots Consultancy and the Global Partner of Anecdote International

Talk Title:

Lahore in Imagination,

Lahore in History:

Glimpses of a Ghaznavid City

Talk Title:

The stories we tell, Create the world we live in!


It is hard to imagine that in the Middle Ages, especially during the Ghaznavid period (977-1186), Lahore flourished for more than two hundred years as a cradle of Persian literary activities. Data Sahib’s seminal Kashf al-Mahjūb—the first Persian treatise on Sufism—was written during this time, and then among other literary monuments we have the glorious Persian poetry of Mas‘ūd Sa‘d Salmān who sang nostalgic songs of Lahore and whose pioneering voice echoes until this day in the chambers of Urdu poetry. Dr. Nomanul Haq shows us glimpses of this Persian cultural world of “Little Ghazna.”


“...Citing psychology and behavioural science findings, Bharat reveals how every leader can become more engaging, more influencing and more inspiring by using one of the most underutilised sources of power in modern business – the humble story... “


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Post Lecture Dr.Marcella Sirhandi  gave an engrossing history of  Contemporary artists from Pakistan, she presented in detail her thoughts on many internationally acclaimed artists  from Shazia Sikandar, Imran Qureishi, Bashir Ahmed, Hamra Abbas, Rashid Rana, Ruby Chisiti, Anwar Saeed  to Saba Hussain including others. She focused on the emerging trends in painting while specifically focusing on miniature art. She spoke passionately about her love for Pakistan, and how she appreciated being part of the art scene both through practice and also through the academia. In was an interesting session, which was also attended by noted artists Mr. Bashir Ahmed and Ms. Saba Hussain.

6th January 2017, 11 am

Professor Emerita Art History Oklahoma State University &

Currently adjunct Professor at University of Missouri, Kansas City

Talk Title:

Contemporary Artists From Pakistan


A number of Pakistani artists are leading innovation in the international art world.  Among them are mimature painters trained at NCA by Bashir Ahmad.  Shahzia Sikander and Imran Qureshi  have expanded the genre and are producing video, installations, murals while still paying tribute to the traditional skills. Multimedia artists like Rashid Rana, Adeela Suleman, Hamra Abass are resetting the parameters for sculptural practise adding layers of meaning that redefine what it is to be Pakistani. Other artists like Sabah Husain dare to combine Far Eastern Tadition with Indo-Persian classical music and poetry and Anwar Saeed challenges traditional intimate relationships.

5th January 2017, 11 am

Curator and Head, Department of Photography and New Media

Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Talk Title:

Photography in Gendai: 1968 as Year Zero in Japanese Contemporary Photography


Nakamori's talk will trace the crucial shift from kindai (the modern) to gendai (the contemporary) in the history of Japanese photography that took place approximately from 1968 to 1970. Positioning the year of 1968 as “year zero” for the contemporary era, Nakamori will argue that the shift was triggered not only by several photography-centered events and exhibitions against the backdrop of social, political, and cultural upheavals in Japanese society, but also by the cementing of a relationship between art and photography through the development of gainen geijutsu, or conceptual art, around that time.

Post Lecture Dr. Yasufumi Nakamori yesterday spoke  on Photography in Gendai: 1968 as Year Zero in Japanese Contemporary Photography, he took the audience (through) an emotional journey of Japanese photographic art from its early days of black and white experimentation and how the art evolved till the late 70’s. He showed how the advent of color photographs brought an end to the highly creative skill of using photography as a graphic medium of expression. He presented various exhibits and pieces during his talk, which was followed by a highly interactive session with the audience.

7th M 2017, 11 am

Sheherezade Alam

Studio Potter , Teacher , Mentor

British Council Scholar

Member International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva.

Founder LAAL Collective, for the Preservation of Heritage.

Founder Jahan e Jahanara, Traditional Arts for children.

Advisor Lahore Museum.

Talk Title:

"Clay, Ceramics and Architecture- my experience of Muslim Spain" a talk by artist, ceramist and educator Sheherezade Alam.


Sheherzad Alam obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design with a distinction in ceramics from National College of Arts, Lahore. While there, she studied under the country's first ceramist, Salahuddin Mian. She was awarded the British Council Scholarship for her Post Graduate Studies (Distinction) from the Design West Surrey College of Art and Design in the United Kingdom. Since then, she has held, curated and co-curated a number of solo exhibitions, both around Pakistan and internationally. She also established Studio 90 Collective, the Inheriting Harappa Project and has been an influential mentor for many at the Design Department of the National College of Arts for many years. Alam returns to the functionality of standard domestic shapes in North Indian culture – the water-urn, the bread basket, clay-lamp – to interpret their dimensions from the perspective of an artist seeking to keep such shapes alive. Her work suggests a series that is a joint compliment to, and continuation of a dying tradition. Of significance here is her Zahoor Project that she set up to archive her late husband, Zahoor ul Akhlaqs work and begin research on his influence. She is also presently an elected member of the distinguished International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva, Switzerland. In the lecture she'll be talking about her experiences of Muslim Spain in the context of Clay, Ceramics and Architecture.


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