I have been teaching and practicing Multimedia Arts and Communication Design for the last 15 years. Graduated with distinction and was the recipient of Principals Honor List Award. My professional career evolved from print media to Post Internet digital design and art that include Video game design, application design, digital interactive art and interactive communication. I have been actively involved in New Media practice and Education methodology plan, implementation and practices at Pakistan’s most renowned institutes that include National College of Arts, University of Engineering and Technology, GIFT University Gujranwala and University of Central Punjab. My primary area of research is understanding digital culture and its formidable nature in society.

Generative Art Project

(Still under development)

A self sustaining environment design where the software generates digital art on the basis of color, shapes, composition, context and noise.



Hit SPACE BAR on your keyboard to pause the simulation.



Currently this application runs only on desktop environment.

Animation Show-reel

Digital Art Samples



Geometric and Patterns




Communication and Graphics

Games & Applications

Audio Smith

Sunward Stack

Physics Puzzle Challenge

Kids Music Instruments


Contact: agharazaabbas@gmail.com  |  Cell: +92 323 4650900